Why Direct Drive?

COATS direct drive wheel balancers feature a uniquely designed dynamic section (the system that senses and reports vibration to the balancer). Our direct drive system integrates the balancer’s robust motor and spindle into a single, factory pre-balanced assembly with ZERO noise (see figure X). This assures that any imbalance-induced vibration that is reported back to the balancer’s processor is coming from the tire and wheel assembly. The result is that zeros on the balancer’s display ALWAYS mean “balanced.”

The spindles of other wheel balancers on the market today are driven “indirectly” by belts and pulleys, which are in turn driven by a smaller motor (see figure Y). This design is inherently plagued with noise and vibrations caused by variable and changing conditions in the indirect drive system as a result of worn belts or pulleys, and fluctuations in temperature and humidity. Therefore, “zero” is not a fixed value in an indirect drive balancer. You must calibrate, and you must do it often, to establish (and re-establish) that zero value. The result is that – depending on how often you calibrate – zeros on an indirect drive balancer’s display DO NOT always mean “balanced.”

So, if you’re serious about delivering a vibration-free ride to your customers without the need to calibrate daily, then a COATS direct drive system is your best choice. And with the legendary reliability of the COATS direct drive system, it’s a choice that will pay dividends for years to come.