COATS Direct Drive Balancers

Because COATS offers a comprehensive line of direct drive balancers, you can rest assured that we have the right piece of equipment to meet your shop’s needs. Whether you need a heavy-duty balancer for the most demanding tires, want a state-of-the-art balancer for a high-volume shop or just need a back-up machine to complement your full-feature balancer, COATS has what you’re looking for. And because of our patented direct drive technology, you’ll never have to compromise speed, accuracy or dependability with COATS balancers.

See our full line of direct drive balancers below, including our new 6450 Heavy-Duty balancer, and contact a COATS sales representative for more information.

  COATS 1250 Series Balancers
Designed for front line, high-volume balancing, the 1250 series combines COATS’ legendary reliability with state-of-the-art capability. Featuring laser-guided operation for pinpoint accuracy, the 1250 series is COATS' most popular model, and is designed to quickly and efficiently handle virtually any passenger car or light truck assembly.
  COATS 950-1000 Series Balancers
With the mechanical and electronic power to be a key tool in high-volume shops, COATS 950-1000 series models have become staples in shops all over the U.S. because of their versatility and cost-effectiveness.
COATS 6450-3D Heavy-Duty Balancer
COATS 6450-3D Heavy-Duty Balancer is based on the proven 6401 model and loaded with advanced features from the popular 1250-3DV model, making it the new standard in truck wheel balancing. Designed for front-line, high-volume balancing, the 6450-3DV features automatic data entry for all three parameters with just one touch, and balances tires up to 52 inches in diameter.
  COATS 6401 Balancer
Heavy-duty shops have relied on the 6401 model for more than three decades, and it continues to deliver speed, accuracy and reliability for high-volume shops that handle the most demanding tires and wheels.

Not sure which COATS direct drive is best suited for your shop? Check out COATS' wheel balancer selection guide, and visit for more information.